Purple Juice Smoothie Recipe 

Up this morning ready to move! No classes, stress level at a 2, and working on getting these invites out for our wedding 

This is my fiancé and I. I love him like christ loves the church. 

So here’s the recipe if anybody is interested! Great preworkout drink, fruit and veggie breakfast. Hope you enjoy! 

Purple Juice 

What you need: 

Ninja blender 

1/2 Banana 

1 cup of Walmart great value triple berry mix (frozen) 

2 cups of spinach 

1/2 cup of almond milk 


Add ingredients in this order to blender

Banana -> spinach -> fruit -> almond milk 

Then blend in ninja. It should be a smooth consistency. 


*quick note: the raspberries have seeds so you will taste like a pulp due to the seeds. If you don’t like seeds try a different fruit mix like blueberries or blueberry and strawberry. 

Tell me what you think in the comments??? Did you change the recipe around?? 

I pair this with some boiled eggs to get my protein or I may just drink this and have my protein shake after my workout. 

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