First day….so Embarrassed

So….in a nursing school semester I have managed to gain  15lbs……

Just last nursing school semester I lost 15lbs……

Dang my nightmare has become reality. I really did not want to show this to you guys but I said I would post the good, bad , and ugly. 

I knew it was ugly but I didn’t think it was this ugly. That scale is reflecting the consequences of my actions. 

Today is a new day here is breakfast that was pretty gross

Never eat eggs spinach and salsa not tasty at all!!!! (Experiement)

So I have one more egg so I will just eat that and drink my water 

My measurements 

Bust 36 1/2 

Waist 31

Hips 43 1/2 

Excuse my hair, I literally woke up out the bed a hour ago my hair is drying. 




Yep mornings are rough lol. 

Anyways I see you guys on April 12 with reviews on the Spartan race and hopefully 15lbs off. 

Have a good day! 

Kali Elaine 

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