Finally a plan!

Hey! So……it’s my first day on spring break and I am already in the swing of regrouping. 

This semester was challenging for me in school. It was not challenging because of the material, but a challenge due to the growing pains I had to endure for the semester. 

Learned some things about myself and earned a B average for the semester. I have maternity rotation next. 

I am really excited about the maternity rotation, because all my friends are getting married and having kids and I will be honest I am starting to have baby fever. 

Marriage first! 

But anyways…..

I am writing because I finally have a plan together the plan is a  secret until completed. 


I will be sharing my results from the plan April 12,2014 . Then I will post what I did so that others will have access too. I will post in May after classes are over. 

(I got invited to be involved in a new program at a local hospital which will require me to be focus on school and the program everything else must be second.) 

This blog will be transitioning over to more helpful tips I am learning during this journey. 

Tomorrow I will post my initial weigh in……..

WARNING: I have gain atleast 10lbs since starting the semester by sinking back into old habits. I recognize that I was not meal preping and I was slacking on my workout routine. 

The weight you will see is due to a consistent enjoyment of foods high in fat and carbs and not working out enough. 

Please don’t judge me lol. 

All apart of the journey.

See you all tomorrow at the scale! 

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