Fitness Pal App 


Hey guys! So I decided to go back to old tools I use to use.


Bring back the fitness pal app. I use to use it about a year ago but I stopped using it because I thought I had things under control.

So I am tracking a more consistent meal plan using the new tools I am learning from the books and also macro nutrient focus.

Fitness pal is really good about showing you your nutrients. I am learning a lot more about health and being more intentional so I don’t have to work so hard and can enjoy my workouts.

I also have a runtastic app. I usually track my outside workouts with that app.

I really like the changes fitness pal has made pretty cool!

Anyways back to studying so nervous about my test tomorrow and Tuesday.


I notice while in school I have more triggers to eat more. Seeing the actual calories consumed compared to my goal will help me to not over eat.

Tried this social experiment out today. I had a trigger (test tomorrow) and ate bad but when I saw it in the tracker I saw the consequences of my action and now I am aware mentally how that can be a set back.


Kali Elaine

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