I’m running the Spartan Sprint Race Charlotte Nc


So I am 6 weeks away from running the Spartan sprint race…..


Lol. I have known about this race since November 2014. I have been preparing for the race, but not on “beast mode grind.”

I have a team and we had been meeting every Sunday afternoon at 330, but we slacked off the last few weeks from going.

I love running with them they are so funny, I would post a picture of them but I don’t know if they want to be featured on my blog lol.

So since we have not ran together lately we set a goal to run 10-14 miles this week!

Anyways I went in Ms.Crazy lady mode in group me chat, freaking out just a little bit after reading a article about what I have to look forward to April 11, 2015.

Click here to read the article.

Looking at this article really showed me what I had gotten myself into.

I didn’t know, I really went into this with my blinders on (LOL)

Well no turning back now.

Woke up this morning and put on fitness blender had a good upper arm workout click here to do the workout.

Really good beginner workout, towards the end it began to get tough. This afternoon I found a hill circuit in my community. (A hill that I turned into a circuit)


Located in Huntersville NC


It was very DIFFICULT but I was able to do 8 laps and 2 laps around the track, totaling up to 2 miles.

Oneside of the hill had mud and it was so difficult to get up hill.

In the article the guy said there was so many hills and one hill you had to climb under bar wire. SAY WHAT??

I use runstastic app to keep track of my distance. Hope to upgrade in the future to get the added bonus features.


Don’t let the picture I posted above fool you! Those hills was no joke!

I enjoyed myself. My next goal is to get the team out here to run hills with me. 🙂

Kali Elaine

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