Low GI and PCOS


It’s here!!!

I am just so excited. So if you don’t already know I have PCOS I was diagnosed with it October 2013.

Instead of been depressed and allowing bad habits to keep taking over my life I decided to do what I can do to change.

That is eat better and move more.

Along this path I have lost 30 lbs and gain great strength and okay eating habits.

A health journey is always a process. So I decided that I would start picking up some more books about PCOS and this book caught my eye.

It has

ⓖⓘ ⓘⓝⓓⓔⓧ ⓣⓐⓑⓛⓔ




ⓜⓔⓐⓛ ⓟⓛⓐⓝ


ⓖⓞⓞⓓ ⓗⓐⓑⓘⓣⓢ


Here’s the thing I already do all this stuff I am going to sound really crazy but it’s only the truth but the Holy Spirit leads me to tell me what to do, and how to take better care of myself. If I am going to be a educator to others I need good references to refer people to.

I am always willing to learn more, I am really a sponge.

So excited! I now have two great books I am still working on the other book intuitive eating


Things are coming together!

Kali Elaine

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