I decided to start taking a m͙u͙l͙t͙i͙v͙i͙t͙a͙m͙i͙n͙


So I have stopped being stubborn and started taking a vitamin. Nothing too expensive or over the top, just something to help get my vitamin D and folic acid. This is a 30 day supply.

I already know that my vitamin D is low from my last physical. Most Americans are low in vitamin D. Why? Well not sure but just from some thoughts from the top of my head I would assume diet and geographical location. I personally am not much of a milk drinker, but I will indulge in almond coconut milk yum!!!! I cut down on my dairy products so I can have a fighting chance against cellulite monster (lol) and the sun really does not come out in the winter time so I thought I would start taking a vitamin to help my body out.


Here’s my vitamins stats. (Zoom in or click on photo to get a better view) It looks pretty good to me. Cost me only 4.99, I was going to go for a gummy vitamin because I hate taking pills, but the gummy vitamins are full of sugar one vitamin I was looking at had 4 grams of sugar can you believe that!!

The plus to the vitamin is that it has biotin great for skin and nails.


Luckily God has blessed me with a head full of hair and beautiful skin and just give it a few more weeks my nails will be back super long. (I bit them all off last week) I know SUCH A BAD HABIT!!!!

That is one plus to PCOS it makes you grow so much hair all over the place, but the down fall is it leaves you with balding spots…..my natural hair fills in those gaps and biotin only helps.

I am a researcher and I found a article that some of you guys may appreciate. The article discussed the benefits of taking a vitamin. The article is from the Harvard School of Public Health, click Vitamins to read more

One thing I have noticed since taking this vitamin is that I am not getting as many cravings for sweets. So will see how this goes! So far so good.

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