Dang it I am binge eating again…..


Unfortunately I am spiraling down the binge eating path. I took this picture Friday yes I’m super happy hanging out with my friends enjoying some food from The Cheesecake Factory.


I ordered the Jamaican Black pepper shrimp and chicken dish. It was so good. I also split a turtle cheesecake with one of the girls but I was so in a rush to eat it I didn’t take a picture.

I know a few weeks ago I posted I was coming up with a plan for eating better. I came up with one but……I am struggling guys in the afternoons. Binge eating like there is no tomorrow. I was at 183lbs but, I’m slowing gaining weight. I just weighed in and I am at my max


It doesn’t help to be stress out at school. I’m not as upset about the weight gain as I am slowing getting out of shape. I was struggling last week to do the workouts I usually do lol. I have a spartan race coming up…,,

No worries thou. I have a plan!!! I’m buying this book today


Found this chick on YouTube who went through the same story as me. And this book helped her. I got my workouts together but it’s just the eating I am struggling with.

So I believe this is phase 3 of my health journey I call it “balance”

Let’s hope I can move forward in the right direction into the warm months my goal is still to reach around 170lbs-165lbs

I have a huge summer break and would like to start making helpful videos on YouTube about starting and staying on a health journey. That is my dream! Inspiring change! The goal is to have it up and running by the end of summer. Learning some awesome stuff about myself in this behavioral health class for nursing school.


Looks like I can start the sample portion using my Kindle App from my iPhone. I’m new to this but this looks pretty cool.


Updates soon…..


  1. You look great, dont be so hard on yourself


  2. Maybe I can help you, see on my blog 🙂


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