Listening and Learning


Went to the coffee shop earlier with Jermane today. He helped me study some new terms for class and I was able to type up some notes for school tomorrow. I was feeling some anxiety about just a bunch of things in my head. He was perfectly content with reading a good book.


I just got done listening to a YouTube video about Overcoming Discontentment. Between this message and this photo of Jermane it reminded me of the scripture that I have on my message board in my room.


It’s so funny because I have struggled to even get out my bed to do the things that I need to do feeling depressed because I just don’t know exactly what I am doing or where I am going, but I am just being faithful. I am asking God nightly for direction, and the answer to what I need to focus on is literally staring me right in my face.

In summary I don’t care what anyone thinks God answers prayers sometimes we are just looking all over for answers when the answer to what we need to do is right in front of our face.

Feeling content.


Kali Elaine

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