Goodbye Keisha


Well I took my first full self photo in months. I really don’t even recognize myself.

I am weighing in at 185-183 lbs. I have leaned out and I am very happy where I have come from with health goals but I have one problem.

My alter ego is slowly but surely trying to creep back up I think it’s time to introduce you guys to Keisha.

Keisha is my fat kid name. She loves all things unhealthy for you from Oreo cookies milkshakes to Pizza Hut pizza she loves it all, the greasier the better.

She also hates working out and could care less about meal planning.

The problem is she has met Kali Elaine, who is determined to eat healthy and move more each day.

I Kali Elaine am writing this post today to say good bye to Keisha.

I have to find balance in being able to eat those foods that are very tasty in fat and also eating my health foods.

I am ready to take things to the next level and one day be an example to my future clients, I must be an example to them.

Goodbye Keisha you will be missed but it’s time to part my old friend.

Kali Elaine

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