Bootcamp is over…..WHAT IS NEXT!


Bootcamp is over! It was a sad/happy day. Sad because bootcamp was a lot of fun, but happy because I was pretty much over it.

So lets go over the list from my previous post of what I wanted to accomplish with bootcamp. Click here to visit that post

List of goals

1. Lose 20lbs
2. Create healthy eating habits
3. Create discipline to workout 5 times a week
4. Overcome junk good cravings
5. Drink water with each meal
6. Fit in pink skirt

So a lot of goals have been accomplished I am a half full glass type of girl. I did not lose 20lbs but I did lose 11lbs which brings me at 187lbs! I finally made it to the 180s. I have 22lbs til I reach my goal of 165lbs and I will work on maintaining.

I do have one concern TMI in 5,4,3,2,1…..So if you read some of my post you know I have PCOS. I am concern because I hadn’t had a period in 2 months. I am saving myself for marriage so no I am not pregnant.

I am assuming its related to stress and change in my eating habits so that might be what is causing it. I am working on getting some health insurance so I can go to the doctor. So be in prayer with me on that. I am not worried.

Yay! I wanted to post some pictures but I am in in the middle of getting some sort of camera, because my iPhone camera is broken and I need a upgrade and I can not find my regular camera. I am picking up a lot of hours at work so I can get the new IPhone 6 I think it will be a nice investment and gift to myself for Christmas.

So……I am now actually working on quite a few things….

top priority

reading my bible more and praying

1.spartan race

I will be training for the Spartan race coming to charlotte nc in April 2015. It is a sprint Spartan race click here to learn about it.

2. nursing school

so I am in nursing school I actually have my final tomorrow and I am going in to  my 2nd to last semester so I am learning how to time manage

3. health journey tips

I am coming to a new level of confidence. Over the past year and a half I have learned a lot of things about changing bad habits to share with others. I have a youtube channel click here to visit. I am overjoyed in sharing what I have learned about losing weight and want to inspire other women to start there own health journey. People are already asking me how I lost my weight so far and now I will have two places they can come visit to be inspired. My youtube channel and blog

4. I want to model

no no no no. Not like Victoria secret run way model although the fashion show is this coming Tuesday Dec 9. I watch it every year. It inspires me to keep with my health goals. I would like to have outfit of the day and model my finds. I think it would be really fun

5. opening a online store

I have a idea for a store,  details coming soon….

I know this is a lot but I have thought about all this stuff for years. I was to afraid before but I am not afraid anymore. I wrote these all down so that I can reflect back one day of what I have completed. If I fail it just means that door wasn’t meant to be open

Website makeover coming soon….

Kali Elaine


  1. I’m having the same problem as you! Since I’ve been training hard and clean eating my periods haven’t come for two months and I’m not pregnant either. I also have pcos and going through all tests to find out why. Mainly it might be because your body has gone into shock with all the training and diet changes. It can happen. 🙂 x


    • Hey idk what’s going on. I think my androgen levels are elevated. I didn’t even go to church today bcuz I was so embrassed by the amount of hair on my face have to go get waxed tomorrow. We will get past this!!! Nothing holding me back!


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