How’s Bootcamp Going


What can I say she is getting GAINS!!!! I wish I can post my swimsuit pictures but not all man are saved on the internet……..

So to avoid any drama you will only see me clothed in my photos lol.

It’s been tough! I am doing it thou! I started doubling up on my workouts and lifting heavier, because it just does not come off for me that easy, due to my PCOS

I don’t complain thou because PCOS is not my excuse but my motivation.

Eating habits are better, working out is becoming a must have routine for me, and I am much happier

I weigh 190.9 so I have lost weight. I look in the mirror and I try on my clothes and I am like, I must be in the 180s but not yet……

I really would like to be have the skirt fit nicely when I finish the bootcamp

So we will see. So sore kicked my butt tonight.

Kali Elaine

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