Dinner Party and Staying on track

photo by Brian Teutsch

photo by Brian Teutsch


The holidays are here and well you know what that means???

Holiday parties galore. I am receiving invites to birthday gatherings, thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, and New Years parties.

So what am I doing to stay on track, but still enjoy the holiday food too?

Keep reading I have 5 tips for you that help me to stay on track but still enjoy holiday tradition food with the family.

1. Do not go to the party hungry.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach the old saying goes. Coming to a party hungry is a badddd idea. You really are setting yourself up for failure. Continue your daily routine and come to the party ready to enjoy dinner and not stuff yourself till your eyes can’t see anymore.

2. Protein portion control

Protein, Carb, Fat our basic micronutrients to health. There’s usually plenty of options to choose from and generally there are two or 3 options to choose from from each of these catogories. Protein you have your meats and bean soups choose one and my rule of thumb is about the size of your fist.

3. Carbs portion control

Carbs you have grandmas famous dressing, mac and cheese, and yummy potato salad Choose one and my rule of thumb is about the size of the palm of your hand.

4. Fat portion control

Fats, this categories is for foods that are generally made of fats and that generally your desserts like ice cream, cakes, and holiday pies. Choose one my rule of thumb cut just a sliver of a slice and just one scoop of ice cream.

5. Workout after a holiday meal

Sometimes we just could not resist Aunt Debbie’s famous chocolate cake and cousin Lynn keeps begging us to try her delicious pecan pie and we must try and have a sliver of both! Well you ate it so now it’s time to work it off. Head to the hotel gym or go for a walk or run around the block and if you just are not in a area that allows you to be outside pop in a 45 min fitness DVD and workout right there in the living room.

It is just not realistic to live depriving yourself from all the joys of your holiday family food traditions. No one wants to get to the point where the doctor tells them your are putting yourself at risk for a heart attack and stroke by enjoying family tradition foods this holiday.

Bonus Tip

Nibble on fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes at gatherings we get the talking and eating and we just don’t realize we just ate another hamburger a half a bag of chips and another slice of cake. Instead of doing this nibble on the veggies and fruit platters no dip!
If your afraid there won’t be a platter offer to bring it!
Eat plenty of the green vegetables offered!
Discipline is Key! If you want to keep enjoying these foods for years to come you must learn how to discipline yourself!

God Loves you,

Kali Elaine


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