Breaking Old Habits


photo by Rod Waddington

So I am going through a phase of breaking old habits, no more binge eating my emotions. I tend to get in these funks sometimes. I shut everyone out and I am just not myself. It usually happens when I have not been spending time with The Lord or when I just am doing too much and I just need to seat down somewhere, the cold weather does not help.

Here I am working through it. I usually go to the store buy a pack of cookies and the cycle begins. One pack of cookies leads to a slice of cake leads to a cookies and cream shake from Cook Out that goes on to a Zaxby’s chicken finger plate.


I will not eat my way out of these emotions I will face them and learn how to deal with them in a healthy way! So this afternoon I bypass the grocery store went home had my yummy fudge brownie protein shake then I had dinner and off to the gym I went to do a 30 minute HIIT session on the treadmill.

I feel much better, later before bed I will make sure I pray and work on getting back into my bible like I had been doing, I don’t let the devil condemn me. That’s what he wants me to do so I can feel bad and fall right in the binge eating trap. God is Love, and I am his daughter and I have free will.

I am really happy I am going through this stage of being renewed! Boot camp is going really good you guys! I can not wait to show you guys my results when I finish!

I should be in the 180’s next week I am really excited. When I first started this journey I did not think I could do it, but with The Lord helping me with discipline I can see that it is possible to complete.

I love writing about my journey one day I hope to motivate other women to start there own health journeys to eating better and incorporating more activity.

Welp! I have to go I been procrastinating all afternoon from studying. I have become addicted to everything health.



God Love you,

Kali Elaine

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