A French Bakery Charlotte NC

Soup at Amelie's

Soup at Amelie’s

Hey guys!

Another day another chance to get our health right! Sitting here in a popular spot here in charlotte called Amelie’s a lot of college students, artsy, and young professionals hang out here in the Noda area.

I’m enjoying a bowl of the asparagus, spinach, and leek soup waiting for my 4pm bootcamp class to start. I like to enjoy a little time to myself every now again especially getting up at 4am

The soup is pretty tasty so weird because I told myself I hated asparagus but I think the asparagus is what I liked most about the soup! Besides when I said that comment it was probably my fat kid rebelling against me.

I am glad the soup includes all the items I could eat from my meal plan it came with bread but bread isn’t on the meal plan. It can be really hard to find a place that offers health friendly choices.

I just came from school I have some chicken in my lunch bag I don’t know why I didn’t warm up my chicken to eat with the soup.

I do not know If I’m the only one who does this but I will make a nice lunch to eat and end up buying something.

It’s ok I’ll eat it for dinner.

Since I’m not going to ATL any more I do not mind spending the extra cash on eating out even if it’s just soup.

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