How’s Bootcamp going?


Well since you asked bootcamp is going well! I jumped on the scale this morning curious about how much weight I have lost in just one week.
I have lost around 4lbs in a week!

A healthy weightloss is 1-2lbs a week but in bootcamp we workout hard!!!!

I started at 198.8 lbs for my first weigh-in. It will be interesting to see what the next few weeks bring me.

The boo and I are traveling to ATL. ROADTRIP! It would be great to travel down knowing I am in the 180s.

I think Friday and Thursday were the hardest days because I had a test and being a emotional eater I knew I couldn’t eat my emotions away. I fought through it and made it out alive. A lot of prayer and discipline.

I thank God for my boyfriend he has really been there for me in all my emotions. My ups and my downs. It’s now my turn to be there for him in this hard season for him. Their is nothing like a praying man! I am really learning that I need to be there for him more too. I can be a little bit self-centered at times.

He still loves me for who I am and with all my drama. ( I can be melodramatic sometimes) lol.

I need to love him for who he is and learn to pray for him even more.

Anyways I am rambling back to the books.

Kali Elaine

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