Trick or Treat trap


And it begins! Though I do not celebrate Halloween I do enjoy the delicious treats that come with the holiday.

This is always how it starts for me. #October Candy
#Thanksgiving Throw down
#Christmas Sweets,
#New Years Ima start over tomorrow, #Febuary Vday heart candy delight……then skip a month we going to fake fast until #Easter.

Before you know it 30lbs of holiday food I am having to work off from May to October and the cycle starts again.

Not this year I am not falling in the trap this year!

Some people ask me why did you decide to do a Bootcamp during the holidays????

This is why. It’s a trap that I refuse to fall in yet another year. I can’t get enough of the holidays delicious treats.

So I am opting out, I have goals and plans and I must lead by example!

I must get into this fabulous skirt!


I really do not want to buy any new clothing til I lose this weight!

Sorry fam you may not see me this year at some of the gatherings until I get stronger to hold back from the pound cakes, dressing, Mac and cheese!

Step away from the snickers


Disclaimer: this is no way written to shame anyone away from eating holiday food, this is my own personal experiences.

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