Blender bottle review


Hello guys!

Today I want to do a product review on the blender bottle I just brought one the other day. I have used the blender ball bottle in the past but, a new prototype has come out and I love it!

As you may know from reading my previous post I started bootcamp for 6 weeks and today was the first day of workouts, click here. It was very difficult and left me looking like this


The workouts are 5 days a week along with a meal plan. In our meal plan we are required to take in 2 shakes. I have done a program like this before but, what I like about this program is he provides a place to workout and he doesn’t try to tell you, you can drink one kind of shake product. He cares about your well being. He didn’t care what shake we did as long as it was a good whey isolated protein which I happen to have at the house already.

I can’t use the blender for my shakes, I don’t have time so I went to Walmart looking for a blender bottle and something to hold my shake mix in. Long and behold blender bottle has done it again 3-in-1. It’s includes the shake bottle, container to hold shake mix, and a container to put my pills (omega 3 fish oil vitamins)


So easy to use and convenient. I fill my bottle up with water add mix and shake while taking my vitamins. No more random messy bags

So if you drink shakes this is a must buy! Click here to check it out.

I brought this one from Walmart. I am pretty sure you can get this at vitamin shoppe or any health fitness shop.

God loves you,
Kali Elaine

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