Bootcamp starts Saturday

Hello guys I’m back!

I had to take a break and get straight. I was getting lost in the world of blogging and youtubing. I was making it my idol.

I had to step back spend sometime with The Lord and regroup.

I’m now in place where I’m not so focus on numbers and views. I want to actually accomplish a weight loss goal, I can really care less how many people read this blog.

I like writing and sharing my journey and that is that

Anywho…. So I start bootcamp on Saturday morning I’m so excited!

I’ve been eating really bad lately….as usually but it is only showing me how much I do need an accountability partner. So this bootcamp should be a blast!

The bootcamp is for 6 weeks, 5 days a week and teaches us about nutrition too. I have told a few people and I’m getting mixed opinions.

With anything you do you are always going to get opinions about everything. I wanted a cookout shake so bad today but I’m weening myself off the sweets so instead I had 3 nutty bar icecream.

It’s really cute when people say ” it’s ok” I need someone who is going to say “no that is unexceptable” this guy is so serious and is not playing games.

I’m commited. So the next 6 weeks will be nothing but praying, nursing school, bootcamp, and eating right.

20 lbs I feel like I am about to be on biggest loser!

God loves you
Kali Elaine


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