How to make a Runner TuTU

5ktutu afterrace

Hey Good morning

So a few weeks ago I ran my very first 5k!!! I was successful!

I have become a very good runner over the past 1 and so of this health journey, I cried during that run. Tears of joy of course. Apart of the goal was to run the 5k in a tutu and I did it.

Running tutus online can be kinda expensive and they are pretty easy to make so I made a diy how to video of how to make a runner tutu. Check it out below


The run was called Bottles and Bottoms a Christian nonprofit that raises funds for pampers and formulas for kids click here to learn more.


This 5k was located in Charlotte, NC. This is an annual run they hope to have even more people participate next year! Lord willing I will be there!


I enjoyed the run excellent weather, I can hopefully in a few weeks do a video on how to prepare for a 5k, it takes time please do not get out here running a 5k without any training, but of course walking is always a great alternative to running.


Good Luck on those who will be running soon!!!


God Bless

Kali Elaine

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