Week 7 One year Health jOUrney

Hey Ladies it is week 7!

I had a rough week, but I am still staying faithful Check out the new post.


I have been eating really bad trying to get back to my good habits. Apart of my eating bad is due to stress from school and also knowing that I am getting closer to reaching my goal of this weight loss and it terrifies me. I know I deserve to be healthy, but the thought that I will finally reach my goal scares the crap out of me.

The first year of my health journey I learned that I am a emotional eater. I eat through emotions. It is not an excuse to eat bad but I just have to step it up a notch by preparing my meals.


I signed up for this 6in20 weight loss challenge and lets just say I have no choice, but to do what I am told during this challenge. The end results will be amazing if I just follow the directions!


So the next few weeks I am mentally preparing for that and trying to stay away from the sweets. It is really hard, but I know I can do this! All apart of the journey…..

This week starting Monday I have some goals

-HIIT (3 times a week 25 mins)

-Meal prep

I have some more goals, but I have found if I reach a few goals at a time it helps me to stay on track and not get overwhelm with all the goals I have to complete

Have a good day

God Loves you,


Kali Elaine



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