Week 6: My ONe year Health JOurney

What a week!!!!


I am moving forward and keeping The Lord first in all I do. This is week 6, of this journey people are starting to question what I am doing but I am moving forward and staying faithful. It brings me joy to make videos, help my community, and praise The Lord. I few years ago I had no hope and wanted to commit suicide, but God had a plan for me and I have been faithful every since. When no body was there he was there talking to me and showing me what to do and how to do it. So if you see me and my life its all God. I have been made brand new he cleaned me up and is renewing me everyday.  It is a journey and apart of the journey comes sacrifice.

Check out the new video revamped the page and learning daily

God Love you,

You all have a good weekend!

Kali Elaine

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