Do I have PCOS? Part 2



Hello, Ladies

I am back with the 4 part series of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). In part 1 I wrote about what exactly is PCOS, click here to read that post.

Today I will write about the signs and symptoms of PCOS and the clinical manifestation.


If you are reading this blog post you are most like reading to try and figure out if you have PCOS?


I am not a doctor nor am I telling you, if you have PCOS or not, but  I highly recommend you to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist to eliminate any worries or anxieties if you have any concerns.

From personal experience you will come upon tons of blog post and research that may scare you into a frizzy!

To help you get a understanding of some signs and symptoms of PCOS keep reading.


Not all women will exhibit the same signs or symptoms and some women may have all the signs and symptoms. It really varies from patient to patient.

Signs and Symptoms:

– Women may notice missed or irregular periods that includes heavy, frequent or bleeding without ovulation

– Infertility

– Excessive growth of hair in odd places like chest, chin, upper lip, belly

– Persistent acne that does not respond well with acne treatments

– Weight gain especially around the waist

– Pelvic pain

– Oily skin

– Patches of thick, dark, velvety skin


Many women do not think to mention things such as oily skin or excessive hair growth at a physical to there doctor therefore some of these symptoms go missed and not further examine.


The cause of PCOS is unknown that is why research is very important for this illness.

Research DOES know the cause of some of the symptoms of PCOS

Research DOES know that symptoms of PCOS are caused by higher than normal levels of certain hormones, called androgens. PCOS patient may have lower than normal levels of estrogen.

These hormones are so unbalance and with higher levels of androgens you will see

– The brain does not get the signal to ovulate, so irregular to no periods happen

– Causes cysts to form in the ovaries

– Excessive hair growth and acne

Other symptoms of PCOS include

-Insulin Resistance


Next week we will talk about How to prepare for an appointment to the doctor concerning PCOS




If you want to learn more about PCOS check out some of these links down below.



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