HOw I lost 8lbs in a week no excerise plus thursday weigh in

Hello guys!

Its that time of the week again. Weigh-in Thursday. This week I talk about how I lost 8lbs and one week and also I reveal what my weigh-in is for the week.

Watch the video to learn more down below

Also……I learned something pretty interesting in class today. In the video I mention about water weight and I talk about how I know for a fact my body holds water sometimes. So long and be hold we learn about this in class today.


Warning science lingo in 5,4,3,2,1

Our bodies normally retain fluids during a stressful situation. It is our stress response.

We have two horomones ACTH and ADH. ACTH stimulates secretions of aldosterone and Na and H2o is retained. ADH increases H2O re-absorption and decreases urinary output which will increase blood volume. This is a persons fight or flight stimulus. When your under stress or wanting to run from a situation or overly nervous about a situation you don’t want to peeing all over the place.

Anyways. Stress can cause your hormones to do wacky things. This is only two hormones that I mention, but we have quite a few more that also play  a role in stress that cause us to gain weight. I try not to stress a lot but it is very hard not to do so sometimes. This week was very stressful trying to get use to a new schedule. I do not blame it all on stress Keisha did have some fun last week (who is Keisha???) I talk about her next week in the next weigh-in Thursday.  I am praying God gives me the strength because honestly I can not do all of this on my own.

Taking it one day at a time.

Heads up! I will have a new hairstyle in the next video hopefully all goes well and I have time to keep my hair up if not oh well something has to give lol.

God Loves you,

Kali Elaine

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