Do you have Diabetes?

Happy Friday!

I am feeling much better than what I was originally feeling when I first woke up this morning. Let me give you a little background story to what led up to me not feeling so good. Yesterday was weigh-in Thursday! I had a more than successful weigh-in.

Check out my weigh-in video for August 14, 2014

Yesterday my sister and I had a sister trip together to see a few of our aunts in SC and do some back to school shopping!



Sister and I

Sister and I


It is always good to go see some of the aunts. While we were there we checked out a few shops that the Colombia, SC offered. One of our aunts recommended a ice cream place that was down the street.



I was hesistant to go in because yall all ready know I am on this health journey. I went in and thought hey I did so well on my eating all week I can have a cheat day. So I went in. They had a variety of ice cream. I did taste the red velvet cream they had. It tasted yummy. Then I thought to myself “Kali, you know you do not need to eat that icecream so if they have a healthier alterative”

I checked out there menu


They had these smoothies so I opt out for a smoothie instead. click on the picture to see a better view of what is in the smoothie. So I got a smoothie with strawberries and bananas and they asked what juice so they put some cranberry juice in it.


It was pretty good.The guy told me it was probably around 300 cals, I probably should have went on there website for the nutrition information, but I had a yolo moment. The next time I try a place I will go to the website nutrition info before buying. My sister got the icecream and loved it!  It looks like they have some fabulous ice cream treats if your not on a health journey like me lol.

We next went shopping for back to school stuff, we had a few coupons and I am all about the deals! Oldnavy has some good deals all jeans are $19 and they will give you $5 when you try-on a pair of there jeans, (you have to purchase $40) which end up working out for me because I needed to pairs of jeans.

We then went to Target and they were also having a jean sell 40% off there jeans! I also checked out there clearance section for tops. I tried on this combination



I love this outfit. This jeans where only $17 and the shirt $6.97. I should have gotten a bigger size, but its ok I know it will fit better eventually.

We next went over to the mall and checked out the sells at Jcpenny. I thought they were  a little high, but I you know me I found some deals. I got a nice denim jacket for $19.99 and two sweaters for $2.97 each.  Yep $2.97 each here are some pictures of my goodies.


if you click on the picture you will see that I am still a size 10! Really proud of that. My goal clothing size is to be a size 6/8 baggy size 10. This time last year I was around a size 16/18w in pants! yep that’s right


pants look fimilar? Remember this photo?


I had them on in this picture last year click here to read that blog post. It was so embarrassing! But I worked hard to get the weight off!!!! Here we are size 10 holding on!

So after shopping I was really hungry and the aunts took us out to eat. We went to a nice Chinese place. Sesame chicken is my weakness, I love it so much! I use to eat it every week in college sometimes twice a week, but I would feel so horrible after eating, but I did not care I would eat it anyways. That habit caught up with me. So it was cheat meal day and I had to have it. I ate half sesame chicken and brown rice (I don’t think it was real brown rice) and 4 pieces of broccoli and a egg roll and a crab wonton. Yep I went in. Then when I got home I ate the other half of my Chinese. About a few minutes later I got so lethargic. I laid in my bed thinking oh I will just lay down for a little bit. I wanted to do this post for you guys and upload the weigh-in video but my body would not let me. I sat there, my mom came in caught off my light, but I remember telling her I was still up please don’t caught that off, and I was waiting for my boyfriend to call. Some how I answered the phone and all I remember my boyfriend saying his dad was ok and I can not recall anymore of the conversation.

I woke up this morning and I had the worst headache and I felt like I was in a fog. So I immediately got up and checked my blood sugar. After 8 hours my blood sugar was 136!


check out this website. Click here this website gives you plenty of information about diabetes and what the numbers are and why the numbers are important. I watch this number because I have genetic link to diabetes and I am overweight and my eating habits in the pass where not the best and with PCOS click here for info on PCOS I have to really watch for diabetes because it puts me at higher risk for it.

Long story short no more guessing calories and sugar intake from restaurants. I am feeling better now, trying to drink my water and eat veggies and protein for the rest of the day.

So no I do not have diabetes I had a physical last October and my doctor did not say anything about diabetes, even if I go to the doctor I know what they are going to do, they will check my a1c and most likely put me on metformin and if I stay at a good level they will allow me to stop it. (people with degrees in health make the worst patieints) guilty! I am working on eating right and losing the weight. I have to watch what I eat because it causes my blood sugar to go up!

I will recheck tomorrow don’t worry guys I am okay.

I make these blogs to make people aware! Not to scare anyone. If I can inspire one person to go check there blood pressure to prevent a stroke or start a health journey instead of continuing bad habits after the doctor tells them they are prediabetic well then I have done my job. I am 25 and I know the habits I make now will effect my health in the future.


If you know someone who is diabetic below are the signs of low blood sugar.

signs of someone with low blood sugar

signs of someone with low blood sugar

Click here to learn what you should do if you or  someone you know has low blood sugar.

I prep for good physicals these days. lol I feel so old lol.

Yall have a good day! Remember eat your fruits and vegetables.

Kali Elaine






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