Writing it all out.

So I started writing out what I am eating and how I feel after I eat it. I also am writing down goals that I have for the day, how to improve and what I can do the next day to make it better. I tryed to do this a few months back by video but it was a epic fail because I did it by video. I had so many videos!

This was yesterday’s charting.



This was last night. I work at night so my eating habits are always so off! I got so hungry around 2am. I really was trying to keep a consistent schedule of eating during the day and nothing at night but my body said “no you don’t we eating tonight!” So I made my way to the hospital cafe and opt for a nice tasty salad. I remember reading in this book that when your body is hungry it’s because you are lacking nutrients and when you feed your body junk like cake, ice cream it makes the body confused. It is thinking “oh shoot I am about to be feed!” Then you eat that cake and ice cream as a night time pick me up (which I would do occasionally) and I would feel satisfied and then 30 mins later I’m hungry again. That’s because my body is saying “hey you tricked me I thought you where going to feed me nutrients but in reality I just gave my body noting but 10 spoons of fat and sugar that it has no clue what to do with but store as fat.

So I did a salad last night it was so good! And the hospital made a homemade berry berry dressing! So good! I was satisfied for the rest of the night. A whole 6hours! I got home this morning and I really didn’t want to eat breakfast but I knew I needed to eat. I ended up eating 15 almonds and a banana and went to bed. (8am). I really hate doing that but I will do something a little different tonight. I am going to bring my breakfast and eat it around 4am so that I don’t have to eat before I go to sleep in the morning.

Today’s food so far.


I feel good today! Some of you maybe wondering why I don’t write calories. I don’t believe in counting calories. I am aware of calories and have an idea of how many calories I am consuming (I learned about portion control and calorie counting in my first year of my health journey) but I focus a lot more on what nutrient I am receiving. I focus on protien, carbs, and fat. I also had a vitamin today.

Vitamins I take


I also usually take a biotin pill 10000 mcg from Walmart the dissolve able one but I ran out so I will be buying some more. This helps with my skin, nails, and hair.

So I am working on these goals today


I am probably not going to get to the 20 min workout because I am so drained when I work 12 hours. I am on my feet about 6 hour of the whole time. I will wear my pedometer tonight to show you guys how much I move at work. But I will be doing this routine tomorrow before I go hang with my girls!



Have a good day!

God Loves You!

Kali Elaine

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