Getting Down to business

Alright! Today is August 7,2014. I made a decision to start tracking my health journey progress for this whole year. I think it will be beneficial to me and to others to see a record of what I am doing to staying consistent. That is my real problem. I am consistent for a few weeks then I fall all the way off for a few weeks. So all the progress I’ve gain I end up losing due to inconsistency. I wrote all my stats.

I’ve been inspired to do so with this book I order off the web called lean secerts. In the past year I have tried a number of things from herbal life all the way to simple eat right an workout. But my real issue is consistency. So I’m reading and I am going to try this thing out.



Those are my numbers. Yep that is correct the weight I had loss doing black girls workout challenge I gained back.

No fret thou just like I gain it I will lose it again. That’s how this thing goes you lose some you gain some but I have a complete positive attitude to keep moving forward and you should too!

Before pictures August 7,2014







Click here to checkout my weigh-in video today Lord willing I can keep up with these videos and post!

I love writing about this journey!

I’ll keep y’all posted!

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