My name is Kali Elaine and this is my health journey. A year and a half ago I started to become concern about my health. I was always tired and felt like something was just not quite right with my body. I really became concern when I stopped getting periods. For 4 or 5 months I did not receive a single period and I was gaining weight and growing tremendous amount of hair and became really tired all the time. On May 1, 2013 I got on the scale and learned that I worked my weight up to 215lbs!


My weight in 2013 stepping on the scale for the first time in a long time over 200lbs

My weight in 2013 stepping on the scale for the first time in a long time over 200lbs















Maybe a week before weighing in. I am 5’9 so I carry my weight very well, and I know that I am very beautiful but I felt so tired!














I began my health journey. I started with juicing. I wanted to detox for a week! That was not a good idea at all, and it did not last very long either. I knew nothing about macro nutrients nor did I know how many calories a day I should consume. This detox was very unhealthy.

I next started changing my eating habits. Eating more vegetables and working out more. This worked out for me alot better. It was very hard in the beginning getting use to the new routine. I wanted to change and willing to do anything to do so.

In October 2013 I finally worked up the courage and went to the doctor. I still had not produce an period which really concerned me. I  did some previous research and I concluded that I had Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). When I went to the doctor I told her I had not had a period since December 2012. This alert her and they ran some test on me. She assessed my signs and symptoms, looked at my blood work, and looked at my ovaries.  In October 2013 I was diagnosis with PCOS. I was really upset. I already had an idea but I was hoping not. Click here to learn more about PCOS.

There is not much information on PCOS and there is not a cure for it. The doctor recommends you to use birth control and change your diet, in some cases some women will start on metformin and if trying to get pregnant will go through a whole regimen of medicines to produce a period to have a baby.

I told my doctor I did not want to be put on birth control to mask what was really wrong. My body was not doing what it is design to do, and I needed to find out how it could do what it is suppose to do again naturally. So I prayed, stopped taking the birth control and continued on my health journey. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY OWN EXPERIENCE AND MY OWN TESTIMONY. PLEASE FOLLOW THE REGIMEN THAT YOUR DOCTOR HAS PRESCRIBED FOR YOU. ANY THING WRITTEN IS NOT ADVICE BUT MY OWN EXPERIENCE AND TESTIMONY. I ALSO PRACTICE ABSTINENCE UNTIL MARRIAGE.

I started researching blogs, articles, clinical research and everything linked back to diet and exercise. I change my diet to a high protein diet and made sure to incorporate carbs and fats in moderation. I worked out a lot!

Fast forward to February 2014 I receive my first period!  Praise God. I did not want to get my hopes to high so I waited to see what would happen the next month. Yep right on time another period. Each month I was getting my periods in a timely manner again. I had lost 24lbs, less facial hair, and I was not as tired as I used to be.

Sometime between April and May 2014

Sometime between April and May 2014

The weight was coming off and I am feeling pretty good! I was staying around 191 and 193.


In June 2014 I had a relapse. With school, work, and everything else in life I went from 191 to 203!  Gained 12lbs back. I had stopped eating well and stopped working out. I had a wake up call when July 2014, this month came and my period had not came yet. I knew my body was not liking how I reverted back to my old ways. I jumped start my weight loss again with Black Girls Work Out Too.  I went from 203lbs to 198 in just 8 days.

Here we are

200lbs July 1, 2014

200lbs July 1, 2014

I am not at my goal weight, and I still have so much to learn, but I am very happy with my progress so far! Today I am 198lbs and building better habits each day. Updates on the period for July 2014, two days ago I started my period late, this just proves my diet and exercise plays an important role in my health!

Now that you know some of my background we can move forward in this journey to losing weight and gaining a healthier lifestyle. My health journey is not a race. Its about building habits that will last for the long run. I hope my journey will inspire others to start there own health journey.

Kali Elaine


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